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Simon Estok & Ecophobia

by Zacharie DeJarlais                                Trained as a   Shakespearean at the University of Alberta, I seek to theorize viable relationships between scholarship and activism, with ecocriticism and Shakespeare being my primary areas of research and publishing.  Publications: Ecocriticism and Shakespeare: Reading … Continue reading

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Postcolonialism and the Environment: An Introduction

by Shauna Molloy The two fields of postcolonial and eco/environmental studies have merged into a seemingly contradictory pair. The issues of colonising land in a manner that provides an ecoconscious perspective and practice are diverse and intricate. The complications involved … Continue reading

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Ecofeminist Literary Criticism

By Britany Bach Ecofeminism is a social and political movement that focuses on the oppression of women and nature as they are interrelated.  The term–often attributed to Francoise d’Eaubonne’s 1974 essay, “feminism ou le mort”– actually sprung up in many … Continue reading

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